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Some Ridiculous Things in China


I born in China, grown up in China, and will probably live in China for a long time. Definitely I love my motherland, but some social convention or phenomenon or other stuff here doesn’t make me happy.

No privacy. This happens a lot. Our parents and relatives have no idea to respect our privacy. I heavily doubt if there is the word “privacy” in their dictionary. One of the convincing examples is “force marriage”. If a typical Chinese girl haven’t get married when she is 25 or older, no matter how successful her career is, her parents will get crazy. They will keep asking their child—a grown woman, why don’t you have a boyfriend, or why don’t you marry your boyfriend. If the girl did get married without a child, her parents will say, please have a baby, we want grandchildren. The elder generations don’t understand that is not their life, they have no rights to interfere.

Authoritarianism everywhere. When I was young, my father was my authority. I must obey everything he demands without question. If I refused, I will be punched. Many people in China have the thought that he can regulate his offspring’s life because he is elder. “The elder, the wiser” thinking has deeply rooted in their minds. That is the philosophy around many old people’s brain. In government agencies or some companies, the leader is always right. He just never wrong because he is the boss. Very rare Chinese have critical thinking; they have been taught obedience since elementary school. Fortunately, things are changing. The generations of internet era are totally different with their fathers. They are more democracy, open mind and think independently.

The GFW. Many websites can’t be accessed in China only if use a proxy or VPN service. The Chinese government spent a lot of money to control the internet. Their explanation is some information on the Internet is against the construction of spiritual civilization. All the educated Chinese know that is bullshit. They just don’t want their people to know the other side of the party. They write our history book to describe the Communist Party of China as a perfect party without stain. But the internet tell some of the truth, which are identified as “harmful”. Those special concerned websites including but not limited to: YouTube, Wikipedia, Twitter, and Facebook. You may wonder if I can visit these websites, absolutely I can. I have some tricks to over the wall. But I’m not interest in the dirty politics our government want to hide, but much other interesting stuff. I believe internet censorship will end in the future, the GFW is anti-human.

The older generation will finally die with old-fashioned or anti-human ideas. The future world belongs to the younger generation.

Things will get better. Things are getting better.

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